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Achill Secret Garden

Right by the Atlantic coast, hidden in a small bay on Achill Island, you find the most westerly public garden in Ireland. Achill is situated on the Atlantic coast in County Mayo, due west of Dublin. The island has inspired many artists with its natural beauty and spectacular skies reflecting the special daylight that comes with the ocean.

The 3 acres of gardens belong to Bleanáskill Lodge which is established around 1870. See also: and Bleanáskill Lodge is a peaceful oasis on Achill Island located on the tranquil shores of Achill Sound, along the Atlantic Drive. The house can be found in a quiet hamlet, two miles from Achill Sound. From here you have a view over to the Curraun Peninsula and the waters of the Sound. The garden is situated at the sea.

It is difficult growing anything in coastal gardens with the fierce winds and the salty air present, but through the past decades most owners of the lodge contributed in one way or another to the garden.

It has resulted in a mixture of mature trees and colourful borders, art features and vibrant wildlife.

A haven of tranquillity and peace.

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