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The continental gardening traditions are a huge and diverse source of inspiration. Architects like Le Corbusier in France, Berlage and Rietveld in the Netherlands, Bauhaus in Germany did not just build at random; they envisioned a project, often in conjunction with writers and artists. Their creations were not limited to an architectural building, but included landscaping, garden design and urban development. Often, they influenced the whole design process.

This philosophy strongly influenced the garden design of Willem van Goor. The garden is not just designed in terms of where to put the shrubs and plant the trees. It wants to show the history of the estate, the significance of the place in the landscape and also the inextricable bound up with the Atlantic. It also has to express the attitude to life of the designer Willem van Goor in concordance with his work as a fine art painter and musician. It is meant a place to be, to exist.

The two guiding principals taken are firstly to respect the existing garden layout, trying to work around the living trees and shrubs. Secondly to create a place of structure and shelter, that is standing out in the looming chaos and wilderness outside the gate.

It resulted in the creation of “8 chambers” where you wander from one to the other, each with its own atmosphere.




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