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Garden Tours

First chamber: "The Woods"

The oldest tree of the garden is at the edge of the Woods and the avenue. It is the registered and protected Cordylene with many seedlings, facing the south west for over 120 years. The “Fallen Angel” is a bronze sculpture from artist Egbert Hanning, which suits perfectly with the tall Monterey Cypresses.

From March to May more than 3500 daffodils are blossoming. Ornamental grasses, Anemone Japonica and the old fashioned Rosa Geranium are amongst the plants in the Blue Border. Water lilies give colour in the pond, dragonflies are hovering over the water and tiny frogs try to survive.

Second chamber: "Lady Bevir's Nursery"

A huge structural wall made of fishing net and iron marks the second chamber. Lady Bevir, was born and bred in Breaffy House and married to Sir Anthony Bevir; he was a secretary to the prime ministers of the UK. Lady Bevir used this area as a vegetable garden. She sold the vegetables to the neighbours.

Third chamber: "The Furthest Garden"

The little "Monet Bridge" with the 4 cast-iron griffins is the remake of a similar deteriorated one. The previous owner, Mr. Roderick Heron, planted many trees in this area.

The Poly tunnel is a delight of different aromas with the vine as a highlight.

Fourth chamber: “The Orchard”

The pear trees are forced to grow horizontal into a “pear-table”. The very old hawthorn carries the mysteries of the fairy tree. The nettle field is specially grown to attract butterflies.

Fifth chamber: “Sculptures and Meditation”

The collection of sculptures is an ongoing project. Most art in the garden was swopped for a painting by Willem van Goor. The Grey Garden or Meditation Room is created to give your eyses some rest. Sit down on the stone wall and listen to the sounds.

Sixth chamber: “The Round Herbaceous Border”

It was quite a challenge to manoeuvre the big round border in between the existing trees surrounding it. We succeeded by dividing the round garden in 4 quarters. The colour scheme of this border is mainly white-pink-red.

Seventh chamber: “The Yellow Garden”

The line of Rhododendrons, planted in April 1907, is confined with a closed, woven hedge of branches, taken from the very same bushes. The border is mostly defined by yellow, white and orange plants. The wonderful bronze sculpture of the two playing badgers is made by Taeke de Jong

Eighth chamber: “The Kitchen Garden”

This is the lucky number of the kitchen garden. You enter a totally different world behind the garden wall. The light is striking and the concrete raised beds give an almost industrial touch to this most practical developed garden.

Behind the kitchen garden is the area with three compost heaps, which are enriched with fresh seaweed from the shore. A big fire place burns the weeds and twigs. The ash is also recycled in the garden.

The boathouse

The entrance is over the little dyke. At the end of a tour you’ll find here refreshments.




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