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Achill Island
Co. Mayo, Ireland
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Visit the Garden

Suddenly, in the barren landscape of the West of Ireland, right at the sea, you discover a hidden gem:
Achill Secret Garden.

A garden tour given by an expert is possible on request and by appointment only.

Share the secrets of the garden by enjoying its beauty and tranquility, a peaceful heaven along the shore of Achill Island. Take the beauty in with all your senses:
Smell the fresh Atlantic air by taking a deep breath, detect the natural perfume of mowed lawns and scent the flowers and herbs surrounding you;
See the beauty of the garden, look at the colours, watch the birds, the lilies in the pond and see how the breeze graciously moves through the greenery;
Hear the rustling leaves, the song of the birds, the murmuring water on the slipway and most of all: listen to the silence;
Touch the bare skin of the fallen Monterey Cypress, fondle with the stubborn tough leaves of the Phormium, caress the soft velvet Griselinea leaf and feel the almost personal identity of the garden present
Taste the products from the vegetable garden and the polytunnel: the spicy leaf of the wild rocket, the delicate flavour of dill or the peppery flower of the nasturtium and try a fresh Mint tea in the boathouse after the tour.





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